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Chang mei aluminium was established in 2008, is China's professional office furniture of aluminum and related accessories design and production of the manufacturers. For the global more than 1000 provides the high quality office furniture factory of aluminum and hardware facilities, as well as one-stop product development services, from product design, mold manufacturing, to the material production, sample fitting, as well as the efficiency of production equipment, customized and batch production planning. Believe that your choice chang beauty is.
     Chang beauty brand CCTV show in 2010, in 2012, chang beauty won the title of "industry quality good faith demonstration unit", since 2009, chang beauty 7 consecutive terms in the Chinese guangzhou international furniture fair, to release more than 20. Leading products are: paragraphs QQ20 office screen, QQ318 office screen, paragraphs CM45 office screen, SUV50 office screen, office screen, office 320 168 screen. Patent products: M4 office screen, A30 office screen, T30 / T60 office screen, office bench S5 model. Professional, focused, witnessed the prosperous development of beauty. In the future, chang beauty is willing to work with you shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand together to create brilliant!
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